Videos Are Being Taken Down….

Videos are being taken down almost as fast as I can post them. Sometimes I find replacements, sometimes not. Now, I am having difficulties editing with WordPress. This may be more of a problem with my software than a problem with WordPress. This is an excellent, but short video of a guest speaker who recently stunned the U.N. It was taken down, but I was able to find a replacement. This is a MUST watch!

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A Beautiful Speech Regarding Last Night’s Tragedy….

President Trump gave a beautiful speech regarding last night’s tragedy. We are so fortunate to have him for our president.

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President Trump at the U.N.

And, of course, I must include the words and speech of another brave man, President Trump. This is a video of President Trump’s speech at The U.N. It’s a MUST watch, if you haven’t seen it already.

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Words of Truth that Stunned the U.N.

I am amazed that this guest speaker was at the U.N. His speech was short, but it absolutely stunned the U.N. I don’t know how it came about that he was there. But, I praise God that he was. He is a brave man. You must watch!

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President Trump’s Rally in Phoenix…

You know, it wasn’t very long ago when The President’s speeches were televised. There were no commercial breaks or interruptions. Now, the major television stations won’t even televise President Trump’s speeches. It’s more than sad. It’s a terrible thing. Because, honestly, President Trump is a President of the Common Man. He is for Everyday People. He honors our history and culture. He desires Unity of ALL of our people. The television stations not only do President Trump a disservice. They do US a disservice. The television stations became powerful because of US. There was a time that, we, as a people, liked what the television stations were doing and what they had to say, as far as news is concerned, but that time is coming to an end. Thank goodness, I can still find his speeches when I search for them. I’m always glad I watched. Because, it’s uplifting. I love our president. And, obviously, many people do. So, if you haven’t seen it. Here he is, Our President, President Trump….

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Remembering Robert E. Lee…

We have such deep division within our nation. Statues of Robert E. Lee are being torn down. It brings to mind another time of deep division within our nation, The Civil War. It pleased me to find this video on my playlist this morning. And, it warmed my heart to watch it, and to remember Robert E. Lee. May it touch your heart as well. Please watch….

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As for Obama, THIS is the legacy he left for America….

This video is a MUST watch. It is by a former CIA operative Clare Lopez. She has very impressive credentials, and really knows her stuff. It’s very disturbing information, but we need to be aware of what has been happening under the Obama administration. Thank God, we have Donald Trump as president now. We can only hope and pray that some of this can be reversed! Please watch!

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