And Now, A Heartwarming Speech in Jerusalem!

From Saudi Arabia to Israel!   Donald Trump gives a heartwarming speech in Jerusalem!

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An Incredible Speech! In An Incredible Place!….

I can scarcely believe this! If you haven’t heard this speech by Donald Trump, then you really must watch it. This is Donald Trump’s speech on Radical Islamic Terrorism given in Saudi Arabia!!! I am amazed and astounded by it! I am amazed and astounded that the Saudi’s hosted such an event with so many dignitaries from the Muslim world. There were leaders from 52 Islamic nations present at the event!!! This is a MUST WATCH!!!

The following is a full version showing the splendor of the palace and the splendor of the event.  It also has the surprising introduction the King of Saudi Arabia gave to Donald Trump.  It’s a longer version, but amazing to watch.

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A Wonderful Encouraging Message!….

This is such a wonderful and encouraging message! I just had to share! This is Pastor Steve Cioccolanti’s summation of Donald Trump’s First 100 Days as President of The United States. It’s amazing to me that a man who is not even a U.S. citizen, who is a citizen of another country entirely, would have such wonderful insights, and be so dedicated to following what is happening in our nation, and would have the ability to offer such a wonderful Christian perspective. Praise God for Pastor Steve! And, Praise God for our President, Donald Trump!

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Unleashing the Battle Plans of Heaven….

This is a message that I needed to hear. Please listen to this short message from Mark Taylor….

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A Disturbing Development in the Middle East….

Ergodan, the leader of Turkey, has been granted supreme powers over Turkey. Of course, he had thousands of people arrested to achieve his goal. This achievement is but one step toward his evil and grandiose goal of re-establishing the Islamic Ottoman Empire and re-establishing the Islamic Caliphate in the Middle East. Please watch….

I apologize about the commercial at the end of the video.  But at least, it’s at the end.  The truth is,  many You Tube channels that don’t have sponsorship will be taken down.

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Syria Shock Wave….

I, for one, have been shocked by Trump’s attack on Syria. It has been my understanding that Russia has been fighting against ISIS in Syria, and has been in support of the Assad government. It has also been my understanding that ISIS has been using chemical weapons. I have been praying that our country has proof, from secret intelligence, that Assad’s military used the chemical weapons on it’s own people. Not only does the attack put us at risk for starting WWIII, but I am suspicious when the Democratic leadership suddenly comes out in support of Donald Trump. Also, Donald Trump campaigned against the foreign policy of “regime change” and the vacuum that it left for ISIS to fill.  So, I only hope and pray that this evaluation by Alex Jones of InfoWars is correct.   As he says, “Only time will tell….”  Please watch “Why Trump Really Attacked Syrian Airbase Now Revealed”….

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The Russian Narrative Continues….

Unbelievable! Hillary had accused Trump of having ties to Russia during the election debates. The people of the United States did not believe it then, and do not believe it now. Yet, the Democrats and mainstream media continue in their unrelenting narrative that Hillary’s loss was Russia’s fault, and continually try to undermine Donald Trump with these claims. This video gives a good description of the convoluted premise that the Democrats and mainstream media want us to believe. Please watch….

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